About these paintings ....

All animal paintings are works in acrylic on canvas.


I have always struggled to explain my paintings. Pop art would really have been the easy answer, but I disagree with its basic concept.The Pop of the sixties saw itself as a counter culture, but I am of a different generation and cultural background. I feel closer to the "Wiener Sezession" and the artists of the Renaissance.


Understanding that my works are unique but still Pop art in a wider sense I set out to create and name my own movement; fully content of being its only member.


"New Pop," I thought described it best.


Of course, I found it necessary to google "New Pop." To my surprise, somebody already had defined my kind of Pop.


"The new Pop is different. It wears its social membership on its sleeve, insisting on the centrality of its niche," wrote Christopher Knight, art critic of the Los Angeles Times, in an article on December 24, 2006, titled," The new pop is everywhere you look."


He further stated: "The new Pop is not a style or a movement, as it was in the 1960s. It's a zeitgeist, the spirit of the 21st century. Today's art operates as a distinctive niche within the larger sphere of popular entertainment. Contained by that bigger universe, which I think of as the Cultural Industrial Complex, art ranks among the liveliest, most resonant galaxies." Mr. Knight points out, that: "Popular culture used to be synonymous with mass culture, but now it's a vast niche society."


My paintings are built upon the classical color harmony. Many of my canvases are sized in the golden ratio. My bow before the great Renaissance masters. Today's view that art is judged by the circumstance of its creation is one I cannot agree with. I see my paintings as iconic portraits of sentient beings, supreme beauties without a reference of time and space. They are esoteric manipulations of nature, vehicles for exercises in classical color harmony – visual games.


Do not let the esthetics fool you. These paintings are powerful symbols for not agreeing with how things are.

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