Selected US Magazine & Newspaper Articles

Palm Beach Illustrated, "In the Jungle," May/June 2010: 109

Palm Beach Daily News, "Animals pop with color on canvas," march 3, 2010: cover page, 5

Epoch Times, "Animal Paintings Signature Style of Helmut Koller," October 15, 2009

Palm Beach Daily News. “Covering of nude art a sad ....” January 22, 2006

Palm Beach Daily News. “Artistic Endeavors.” April 24, 2005: B3

Palm Beach Daily News. “Artist’s creature creations hit Paris.” April 11, 2004: C12

Palm Beach Daily News. “Art group hopes to take ‘next step’.” February 18, 2004: 1

The Palm Beach Post. “Walk on the ild side.” January 18, 2004: R 32

Palm Beach Daily News. “Koller’s Secret Revealed at Soho.” March 21, 2003

Taconic Press. “Art on the farm.” Robin Roger, April 24-30, 2003: Section C, 2, 21

Palm Beach Daily News. “Goals met, Palm Street art show at crossroads.” M.M. Cloutier, Feb 18, 2003: 1, 3

The Palm Beach Post. “Local Artists strut their stuff.” February 16, 2003: 34

Palm Beach Daily News. “Palm Street Studios Open for Viewing.” Feb 14, 2003: B1, B7

Art World News. “Tribute.” January 2002: 9, ?

Florida International Magazine. “Modern Love.” Felicia Levine, Jan/Feb 2002: 50, 51

Palm Beach Daily News. “Artists poised for show.” M.M. Cloutier, Feb 11, 2002: 1, 3

Art Business News. “American Zebra.” March 2002

U.S. Art Gallery. “Editors Choice.” Tracy McCormick, March 2002

Palm Beach Daily News. “Koller Makes Each Animal King of the Jungle.” Christine Davis, Nov 22, 2002: B1, B2

Polo America Expo 2002. “Colorful World of Polo.” 2002

Palm Beach Daily News. “After Busy Season Artist Couple To Relax.” M.M. Cloutier, May ?, 2001: B1,B2

Palm Beach Daily News. “Soho Arts South Presents A Zoo For The Holidays.” Christine Davis, Nov. 30, 2001: B1, B2

Palm Beach Daily News. “Art For Your Home? Studio Enclave Has Answer.” Christine Davis, October 5, 2001: B1, B4

Palm Beach Daily News. “PB Artist Sees Beauty In Cars Past And Present.” Robbie Bedell, October 12, 2000: 1, 2

The Palm Beach Post. “A landmark show at Comeau.” Gary Schwan, June 9, 2000: 29

The Palm Beach Illustrated. “Works in Progress.” Joseph P. Polito, Jan. 2000: 112-117

Palm Beach Daily News. “A Peaceable Kingdom.” M.M. Cloutier, April 4, 1999: 3, 16

Encyclopedia of Living Artists. 11th Edition, 1999: 122, 123

Palm Beach Times. “Love Triangle.” Bruce Helander, April 1999

Art Business News. “Florida-Based Artists Establish Art Group.” ABN, March 1999

Palm Beach Times. “Artists Unite To Form An Artists Group.” March 1999

Palm Beach Daily News. “Palm Street Art Studios.” February 7, 1999

Art Trend. “On the Edge.” Maryann Ondovcsik, Jan/Feb 1997: 42, 43, 44, 118

The Palm Beach Illustrated. “Animal Instinct.” September 1997

Palm Beach Daily News. “Koller shows off new WPB art studio, painting style.” Jan Sjostrom, April 1, 1997: 6

 South FloridaMagazine. “Helmut Koller.” April 1997: 43

U.S. Art. “Native American Art’s timeless quality …” November 1995

Ocean Drive. “Helga Wagner and Helmut Koller.” Linda Marx, January 1995

Rapid City Journal. “Austrian Painter bares souls of subject.” Lynn Taylor Rick, June 11, 1995

Aspen Daily News. “Helmut Koller At The Squash Blossom.” May 4, 1995

Focus. “Palm Beach Artist Helmut Koller inspired by Indian Spirituality.” Susan B. Kelly, April/May 1995

The Santa Fe New Mexican. “Just one ‘Kiss’ and Koller was hooked …” Jason Silverman, July 16, 1993

The Palm Beach Illustrated. “In the Know.” Noveber 1993: 10

The Palm Beach Illustrated. “Great Expectations.” Antonia Thomas, August 1992: 50-54

The Palm Beach Post. “Magazine offers ‘Summer Heat’.” Thom Smith, July 24, 1991

Palm Beach Daily News. “Koller’s Art Reflects Lightness Of Being.” Kevin McGlynchey, Aug. 31, 1990: 1,3

Palm Beach Life. “Body and Soul.” Linda Marx, August 1990: 6, 73

Amerika Woche. “Junger Österreicher stellt in Chicago aus.” Karl Stocker, February 25, 1989

The Palm Beach Post. “Artists filling in county by the numbers.” Nick Madigan, February 5, 1989

The Palm Beach Illustrated. “Roaming the Arts Scene.” Helen Turner, Number One, 1989:

Zelo. “Cover.” Vol 3, Nov. 1988

The Miami News. “Miami art scene.” Leslie Ahlander, February 26, 1988

Postmortem, “Helmut Koller an artist of passion, emotion and purity.” Kimberly Rose, February 9, 1988

Palm Beach Daily News. “PB Photographer Koller Fetes Egon Schiele With Art.” February 5, 1988: 3

The Illustrated. “Homage to Egon Schiele.” January/February 1988, 74, 75

Town & Country. “Helga Wagner.” 1987: 178

New York Post. “Around the Town.” Egenia Sheppard, May 18, 1983




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