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Monte Carlo IN

September 16, 2022


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Monaco Reporter

September 12, 2022

HELMUT KOLLER - Photorealism meets surrealism

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TimeOut, New York City

May 16, 2022

The best art fairs to see during Frieze New York 2022

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TimeOut, New York City

May 16, 2022

Cube Art Fair

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International Business News

May 20, 2022

Helmut Koller Previews NFTs At NYC's Cube Art Fair

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May 18, 2022

Helmut Koller Previews NFTs at NYC's Cube Art Fair

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AP (Associated Press)

May 18, 2022

Helmut Koller Previews NFTs at NYC’s Cube Art Fair

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Times Square Chronicles

May 19, 2022

My View: Helmut Koller Artwork

Showcased Throughout New York City

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March, 2020


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В горах Сочи пройдет международная арт-выставка «Анимализм».

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February 2022

Cover, South Korea

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August 29,  2019

Эффектный выход

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Газпром курорт

December 30, 2019

Предпоказ международной художественной выставки «Анимализм»

Сейчас на обозрение гостей выставили 4 экспоната, авторы которых  - художник Хельмут Коллер и скульптор Марк Коре:

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Cover, PALM BEACH, Florida

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September, 2019


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September, 2019

Хельмуш КОЛЛЕР 

Австрийский художник-анималист, основательсобственного направления в новом ПОП-арте - коллеризма- привезет на выставку RAFAFB Сoгипятнадуать работ, одна изкоторых была создана этимлетомспециально кэкспозици.

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artnet news

December 20, 2019

Artist Helmut Koller’s Vibrant Animal Paintings Can Instantly Cure the Winter Blues—See Them Here

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November 15, 2019

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff hosted a first night’s preview of new works by internationally acclaimed painter, Helmut Koller at the opening of Laverdin Gallery.

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On the evening of Tuesday, November 5, 2019, philanthropist Jean Shafiroff hosted a first night’s preview of new works by internationally acclaimed painter, Helmut Koller at the opening of Laverdin Gallery.

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A purple cheetah, an electric-blue bison, a shimmering green tiger — it’s easy to mistake Helmut Koller’s paintings for naturalist psychedelia: animals on acid! 

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В России много арт выставок-ярмарок: нашумевшая Moscow Fine Art Fair, Cosmoscow. Появляются новые выставки, такие как: RAFAF, DA!MOSCOW. Они широко освящаются в прессе, имеют большие площади и тысячи посетителей.


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The Internet is wild for Helmut Koller’s

vivid animal portraits

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How does one justify hyperrealistic painting in an era where the camera can capture everything? What does it possess that the camera will never be able to do? Helmut Koller transverses this field and has presented us with utopia.

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LUXE. Interior & Design

In Helmut Koller’s world, zebras have red stripes and a bear wears a deep purple coat. The antlers of an elk glow neon teal while a midnight-blue panther stalks his prey. There’s also an alert green tiger, an electric-blue monkey and a rabbit whose flame-colored fur burns red, yellow and hot orange.

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In his portraits of animals, Koller employs techniques of super realism or photorealism, a genre of art that encompasses painting, drawing, and a close study of photographs, ...

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Helmut Koller for € 200,000 and

other Le Salon results in Moscow

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В посольстве Австрии в России открылась выставка Хельмута Коллера

(TV News report)

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Хельмут Коллер за €200 000 и

другие итоги Le Salon в Москве

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Helmut Koller for € 200,000 and other

Le Salon results in Moscow

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Helmut Koller for € 200,000 and other

Le Salon results in Moscow

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Выставка художника Хельмута Коллера

«Бизнес — это Джунгли»

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Прихожая в квартире по дизайну Ольги Фрейман. Картина — Хельмут Коллер «Леопард на красном», ...

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